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i4-Guard’s Embedded Network Protector (ENP):
A Simple Answer to a Simple Question

Powering Your IoT Strategy…

With the i4-Guard Embedded Network Protector, you enter a whole new level of IoT security. By decoupling security completely from the existing network layout, ENP enables you to get rid of any complexity. Our promise: You don’t have to change anything in your existing underlying network infrastructure to make this happen.

…Without Touching the Network Infrastructure

The i4-Guard Embedded Network Protector does not interfere with the existing network, it is applicable to any IP-based network, including fully meshed networks. No need for centralizing the traffic to where the firewalls are. No need to set up VPNs. No need to talk to your Internet or Cloud provider. ENP encrypts all traffic to and from the protected devices. Adaptive to any conditions, ENP can support any IoT strategy with minimum costs, leaving all data under your control. Are you tired of delaying the plans for your smart business due to security concerns? Stop waiting. ENP is your solution to get started now.

Military-Proven Technology...

In military settings, any operation is supposed to be executed reliably and quickly. This is nothing but the standard you want to apply to your network for Embedded and IoT devices as well - and this is exactly where we are coming from: the i4-Guard Embedded Network Protector is based on military encoding technology by Mils Electronic which has been in use all over the world for decades. Take advantage of this unique long-term experience and connect your devices simply via Plug-and-Play.

...Bump in the Wire

The deployment of the Embedded Network Protector does not require any settings or configurations on the network level. All it takes is to enter a routed IP in the ENP management, to automatically configure the i4-Guard hardware by inserting a USB stick and to bump the appliance in the wire in front of the device that needs the protection. Implementing the ENP appliances on the edge does not require expertise. Anyone can do it. Within seconds.

Our Benefits

Your Choice

ENP adapts to your requirements. Always.

Whether you need to secure legacy devices, implement a completely new network of things, aim to consolidate the topography of an existing network or work on pilot projects for network extensions in the future: As a non-invasive security solution, ENP is capable to meet any of your requirements.

ENP simplifies your daily business. Plug and play.

With ENP, even the most extensive mesh networks can be managed centrally with ease. Moreover, it leaves you the full control over all the data in transit without the need for third party support or service providers. You don’t need training sessions or rare specialized staff to implement or run it, as your networks organizes itself.

ENP is deployed in the twinkling of an eye. Try it out.

ENP comes fully-configured to your technical requirements. Just plug it in and get instant protection for your IoT devices. Don’t allow security concerns to keep you up while you are digitalizing your business. Give it a try now. Get your delivery within a few days and start you can use any devices safely.

ENP’s TCO is unparalleled. Save time.

By buying ENP, you receive long-term network protection with only one-time costs. There are no monthly fees. Still, firmware support is guaranteed for many years. Even better, you benefit from the reduction of complexity and lower labor costs. Do with ENP and limited resources what you couldn’t get done with Firewalls and VPNs with an army of specialists.

About Us

The Minds Behind

i4-Guard is a joint venture of mils electronic, sigma star, funded by MAD Ventures, dedicated to take IoT security to a whole new level. These are the six seasoned IT professionals and entrepreneurs that guarantee you great technology and best customer experience.

Like no other vendor, i4-Guard is a company completely dedicated to securing industrial IoT devices and embedded technology in a simple way. Seeing the need for such a solution, it was founded in 2018 in Innsbruck, Austria, as a joint venture by six highly distinguished IT professionals and serial entrepreneurs with a huge experience in networking, military communications, cryptography, firewalling and IT architecture.

The company’s unique SODA technology (Self Organizing Distributed Architecture) is based on proven technology that has reliably and effortlessly encrypted governmental communications for decades. With the commercial product Embedded Network Protector (ENP), launched in 2019, this technology has been made available for industry, retail, logistics, utilities, smart cities and any other organization or company that wants to push the limits with the help of smart and connected devices.

mils electronic has a track record of more than 70 years in designing, developing and supplying soft- and hardware crypto solutions for the governmental sector.

sigma star, a software and IT solutions provider founded in 2011, builds mission critical systems for the automotive and manufacturing industry, focusing on security, privacy,cryptography, embedded technology and access control.

MAD Ventures is a Venture Capital company, founded by four serial entrepreneurs, committed to transform technologies into scalable products and services.

Thomas Unterleitner

  • CTO mils electronic
  • Software Development Manager Barracuda AG
  • Director Software Development phion AG

Otto Kugler

  • CEO mils electronic
  • Director Deutsche Post
  • Vice President Ericsson

Wieland Alge

  • Co Founder and Partner MAD Ventures
  • General Manager EMEA Barracuda AG
  • Co Founder and CEO phion AG

Richard Weinberger

  • Co Founder of sigma star gmbh
  • Specialist in Linux low level components
  • Prolific contributor to Linux kernel

David Gstir

  • Cryptography Research TU Graz
  • Security & Crypto Expert sigma star gmbh
  • Linux Kernel security contributions

Thomas Dierl

  • Co Founder of sigma star gmbh
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Specialist in Enterprise Architecture Management
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